Pamukkale Fethiye Marmaris Tour

Everyday Guarantee Departures
4 Day
3 City
31 Reviews

Places to Visit

  • Istanbul
  • Denizli
  • Pamukkale
  • Hierapolis
  • Fethiye

Tour Program

Pamukkale's White Terraces and Hierapolis

Begin your adventure in Pamukkale, where the ethereal white terraces create a unique and awe-inspiring sight.

Explore the ancient city of Hierapolis, where well-preserved ruins and a thermal bath complex await.

Immerse yourself in Pamukkale's mineral-rich thermal waters for a soothing and rejuvenating experience.


Highlights of the tour include:

  • Hierapolis: Visit the Necropolis, the Theatre, and the fascinating Cleopatra Pool (Swimming at the Cleopatra Pool requires an admission charge).
  • Pamukkale: The highlight of the day will be the famous travertines of Pamukkale, a natural wonder with terraces of dazzling white mineral-rich pools. Take in the breathtaking views and enjoy the unique experience of walking on the cotton-like formations. 
  • Pamukkale Naturel Lake: You will also have the opportunity to visit Pamukkale Naturel Lake and Park, adding to the beauty of the area.

Journey to Fethiye

Transition to the charming coastal town of Fethiye, known for its breathtaking turquoise waters and vibrant markets.

Delve into the region's history at the Lycian Rock Tombs, carved into the cliffsides, and wander through Fethiye's bustling bazaars.


Highlights of the tour include:

  • Fethiye: Fethiye, a coastal gem on the turquoise shores of Turkey, offers a perfect blend of ancient ruins, vibrant markets, and stunning beaches, making it a delightful destination for history enthusiasts and sunseekers alike.
  • Lycian Rock Tombs: The Lycian Rock Tombs, carved into the cliffs of Fethiye, stand as ancient marvels, telling the tales of Lycian civilization through intricate burial chambers and breathtaking views over the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

Exploring Fethiye

Discover Fethiye's captivating beauty further with an optional boat trip around the famous 12 Islands.

Swim in crystal-clear waters, soak up the sun, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Mediterranean


Highlights of the tour include:

  • 12 Islands: Explore the enchanting 12 Islands around Fethiye, a picturesque archipelago where crystal-clear waters, hidden coves, and lush landscapes create a paradise for boat trips, water activities, and tranquil escapes.

Marmaris and Conclusion

Travel to Marmaris, a bustling port town with a picturesque harbor.

Explore the Old Town's cobblestone streets and enjoy some leisure time before your tour concludes.


Highlights of the tour include:

  • Marmaris: Marmaris, nestled on the southwestern coast, is a vibrant resort town boasting a blend of modern amenities and natural beauty, offering visitors a lively atmosphere, stunning beaches, and access to the charming Old Town and its historic castle.
  • Marmaris Old Town: Marmaris Old Town, a charming district on the southwestern coast of Turkey, invites visitors to wander through narrow cobblestone streets lined with traditional Ottoman houses, explore vibrant markets, and soak in the historic ambiance around the iconic Marmaris Castle.

Tour Details Tour ID 135

Pamukkale, Fethiye, and Marmaris Tour: 4 Days of Coastal Discovery

The tour starts from Istanbul with a morning flight to Denizli, followed by a scenic drive to Pamukkale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its white terraces filled with mineral-rich hot springs. Visitors can explore the ancient city of Hierapolis and take a dip in the natural pools. After the tour ends you will be transferred to Fethiye, where you will join our 4-day, 2-night cabin charter holiday to Marmaris. 


You can sail along the Turquoise Coast, swim in secluded bays, and soak up the sun on deck. With no set itinerary, guests can enjoy the freedom of exploring new destinations while enjoying the comforts of a private cabin charter. 

✅ Everyday guarantee departures 
✅ Small groups max 8 person 
✅ Local Guides 
✅ Stress free travel package 
✅ Skip-the-line VIP entry tickets to attractions 
✈ Travel by air instead of long bus journeys  
✂ If you want to customize this tour please contact, so we can offer you more of Turkey Dream.

Departures : Everyday 

Departure Place : Istanbul  Airports

Duration : 4 Days


  • Istanbul 
  • Denizli
  • Pamukkale
  • Hierapolis
  • Fethiye

When you open the booking form ( after you click make reservation button) you will see optional activities, so you can add them in your tour and you can customize it as you wish.


  • All transportations
  • Domestic flight tickets
  • Accommodations with breakfast
  • Cabin Charter 2 nights  - ( If Charters are off-season transportation will be land transport)
  • English Speaking Guide

❌Exclusions :

  • Turkish visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Lunch, Dinner
  • Drinks
  • Optional additional tours or activities 
  • Tips for guide & driver

Q1: What are the main highlights of this tour?
This tour highlights Pamukkale's white terraces, Hierapolis' ancient ruins, Fethiye's coastal charm, and the vibrant town of Marmaris.

Q2: Is this tour suitable for relaxation and exploration?
Yes, this tour offers a perfect balance of relaxation and exploration. You'll enjoy natural wonders, cultural sites, and leisure time by the Mediterranean.

Q3: Are accommodations and transportation included?
: Yes, accommodations, transportation, and breakfast are typically included in the tour package.

Q4: Can I customize the itinerary or extend my stay?
Customization options may be available. Feel free to discuss any modifications or extensions with the tour organizers to tailor the experience to your preferences.

# For cancellations made more than 7 days prior to the scheduled activity or service, there will be %20 of the total amount as penalty.

# If you like to re-schedule the tour date instead of refund. You can re-schedule your tour without any penalty 1 time. And you can tell your new travel date until 15 days of your arrival date. And this re-schedule right is valid 2 years after postponing the actual tour date.

# For cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the scheduled activity or service, there will be no refund.

# If you like to re-schedule the tour date instead of refund. You can re-schedule your tour with only %10 penalty 1 time. And you can tell your new travel date until 15 days of your arrival date. And this re-schedule right is valid 2 years after postponing the actual tour date.

After you submit your reservation please send copies of passports of all participants, and your arrival/departure airport transfer informations via email [email protected] For further assistance please feel free to call +905434428069

Elise M.

Overall, the Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye tour was a well-rounded and unforgettable experience. It showcased the best of Turkey's coastal gems and left us wanting to return for more heartyes

Margaret R.

The tour allowed us to create lasting memories with fellow travelers. Sharing experiences and exploring together added a sense of camaraderie and made the journey even more enjoyable

Luke K.

The hospitality of the locals in each city was heartwarming. From the warm smiles to the helpful recommendations, we felt welcomed and embraced by the Turkish culture yes

Carson L.

The tour offered a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. Whether it was sunbathing on Bodrum's beaches or hiking in Fethiye's mountains, there was something for everyone yes

Kendall G.

The coastal scenery along the journey was simply breathtaking. The turquoise waters and scenic landscapes provided endless photo opportunities and moments of awe smiley

Irene W.

The direct flights between cities saved us valuable time and allowed us to make the most of our week-long itinerary. It was a well-planned and efficient tour heart

Sadie T.

The tour guides were knowledgeable and passionate about their cities yes Their insights and stories added depth to our experiences and made the tour even more engaging.

Jacob C.

The accommodations throughout the tour were comfortable and conveniently located. It was a pleasure to return to a cozy hotel after a day of exploration yes

Emilie A.

The tour allowed us to sample the delicious local cuisine. From fresh seafood in Bodrum to traditional Turkish dishes in Fethiye, every meal was a delightful culinary experience.

Penny F.

Exploring the local markets in each city was a highlight. From the vibrant colors of spices and textiles to the bustling atmosphere, it was a feast for the senses.

Steve H.

The cabin charter holiday from Fethiye to Marmaris was a dream come true yes Sailing along the Turquoise Coast and discovering secluded bays was pure bliss.

Jackson T.

The scenic drive from Denizli to Pamukkale offered breathtaking views of the Turkish countryside. It was a pleasant and relaxing journey yes

Brian K.

Taking a dip in the natural pools of Pamukkale was incredibly rejuvenating. The warm waters and picturesque surroundings created a serene atmosphere.

Maria T.

Exploring the ancient city of Hierapolis was like stepping back in time. The historical ruins and the stories they hold are truly fascinating.

Gwen H.

The journey from Istanbul to Pamukkale was worth every moment. The stunning white terraces and the mineral-rich hot springs made it a truly unique and memorable experience.

Tanya K.

The tour from Istanbul to Pamukkale and the subsequent cabin charter holiday were a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The cultural richness of Pamukkale combined with the freedom of sailing along the Turquoise Coast created memories that will be cherished forever yesheart

Reilly N.

Pamukkale's white terraces and the cabin charter holiday along the Turquoise Coast were a match made in heaven. From the surreal landscapes to the tranquil sailing experience, this tour provided a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration heart

Christina F.

The journey from Pamukkale to Fethiye was a seamless transition from ancient wonders to coastal paradise. The cabin charter holiday offered a sense of freedom and adventure, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the Turquoise Coast.

Paige N.

The tour from Istanbul to Pamukkale and the subsequent cabin charter holiday were a perfect combination of relaxation and exploration. Pamukkale's white terraces were awe-inspiring, and sailing along the Turquoise Coast allowed us to discover pristine beaches and hidden coves wink

Maeve P.

Pamukkale's natural wonders and the cabin charter holiday along the Turquoise Coast created an exquisite blend of culture and nature. From exploring ancient ruins to sunbathing on the deck, this tour offered a truly unique and diverse experience yes

Eddie S.

The journey from Pamukkale to Fethiye was a seamless transition to a world of tranquility. The cabin charter holiday allowed us to embrace the freedom of the open sea, discover hidden gems along the Turquoise Coast, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Cody G.

The cabin charter holiday along the Turquoise Coast was pure bliss. The serene beauty of the coastal landscapes, the refreshing swims in hidden bays, and the cozy comfort of the private cabin created the perfect escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Janet J.

Joining the cabin charter holiday from Fethiye to Marmaris was a dream come true. Sailing along the Turquoise Coast, swimming in secluded bays, and enjoying the freedom to explore new destinations at our own pace made it an unforgettable adventure yes

Harmony E.

Tour from Istanbul to Pamukkale was a seamless journey filled with breathtaking landscapes. The ancient city of Hierapolis was fascinating, and the chance to soak in the hot springs was a soothing and memorable highlight

Erica G.

Exploring Pamukkale was like stepping into a surreal wonderland. The white terraces and mineral-rich hot springs were a sight to behold, and the opportunity to swim in the natural pools was a rejuvenating experience yes

Hope A.

The tour from Istanbul to Pamukkale and the subsequent cabin charter holiday was a unique and exhilarating adventure. From the natural pools of Pamukkale to the freedom of exploring the Turquoise Coast on a private yacht, it was a remarkable experience that allowed for a perfect balance of cultural immersion and leisurely enjoyment heart

Jaden R.

The combination of visiting Pamukkale and joining the cabin charter holiday in Marmaris created a truly unforgettable journey. From the ancient city of Hierapolis to the secluded bays and sun-soaked decks of the yacht, it was a perfect blend of cultural exploration and relaxation in stunning surroundings.

Christy M.

The tour was an extraordinary experience. From exploring the magnificent white terraces of Pamukkale to sailing along the Turquoise Coast, every moment was filled with adventure and breathtaking beauty yes

Rachel G.

The tour provided an incredible opportunity to discover the wonders of Pamukkale and experience the beauty of the Turquoise Coast. The visit to Pamukkale's white terraces and Hierapolis was awe-inspiring, and the cabin charter holiday to Marmaris allowed for a relaxing and adventurous journey along the stunning coastline. It was a perfect blend of cultural exploration and natural beauty, creating lasting memories.

Garry P.

The tour is an amazing experience that takes you through the beautiful landscapes and cultural sites of western Turkey. The tour offers a perfect mix of history, nature, and relaxation, and is a great way to explore this part of the country.

Sandra L.

I had a fantastic time on the Pamukkale, Fethiye, and Marmaris tour! The itinerary was well-planned, and I enjoyed exploring the stunning natural beauty of Pamukkale and the charming coastal towns of Fethiye and Marmaris. heart

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