Pamukkale Tour From Antalya

Everyday Guarantee Departures
1 Day
2 City
12 Reviews

Places to Visit

  • Denizli
  • Pamukkale
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Mineral-bath spa
  • Must-visit destination
  • Travertine formations

Tour Program

  • Pick up from your hotel about 6:00 AM
  • Breakfast in Korkuteli town (not inclusive)
  • Pamukkale and Hierapolis (about maximum 3 hours)

Pamukkale: Pamukkale, located in southwestern Turkey, is famous for its stunning natural terraces of white mineral-rich thermal waters, which cascade down the mountainside. These "cotton castle" terraces create a surreal and mesmerizing landscape, making it a popular destination for visitors seeking the therapeutic and picturesque beauty of the thermal pools.


Hierapolis: Hierapolis is an ancient Greco-Roman city adjacent to Pamukkale, known for its historical significance and well-preserved ruins. Visitors can explore the well-preserved theater, necropolis, and various ancient structures, providing a glimpse into the rich history of the region and the harmonious integration of natural wonders and ancient civilization.

  • Swimming at Cleopatra pool (not inclusive)
  • Visit to vine and textile factories-shop
  • Lunch (not inclusive)
  • Dinner (inclusive)
  • Back to the hotel at 23:00

Lunch is not included in the price.
Please surely bring lunch box with you from your hotel.

You will love our daily excursion to Pamukkale from Antalya so much!

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Pamukkale: A Majestic UNESCO Heritage Site of Fascinating Hot Springs

Discover the captivating beauty of Pamukkale, a natural wonder that leaves visitors in awe. Renowned for its splendid hot springs, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit destination. Step into the healing waters, as the warm, mineral-rich springs have been cherished for their health benefits since ancient times.

Prepare to be enchanted by the dramatic travertine formations of hard, brilliantly white calcium, created as the hot waters cascade over the cliffs and cool down. Pamukkale stands as Turkey's foremost mineral-bath spa, drawing travelers from all corners of the globe to experience its natural splendor and soothing waters.

✅ Everyday guarantee departures 
✅ Small groups max 8 person 
✅ Local Guides 
✅ Stress free travel package 
✅ Skip-the-line express entry tickets to attractions 

 ✂ If you want to customize this tour please contact, so we can offer you more options.

Departures : Everyday

Starting Point : Pick up from hotels in Antalya

Duration  :  7,5 Hours

Language : English


  • Denizli
  • Pamukkale
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Mineral-bath spa
  • Must-visit destination
  • Travertine formations

When you open the booking form ( after you click make reservation button) you will see optional activities, so you can add them in your tour and you can customize it as you wish.

✅Inclusion :

  • Professional licensed guide
  • Hotel pick-up and drop off
  • Admission Fees in the itinerary

❌Exclusions :

  • Drinks and meals
  • Optional additional tours or activities 
  • Tips for guide & driver
  • Swimming at Roman bath -Cleopatra pool
  • Personal expenses

What to Remember

Swimming at Cleopatra pool costs extra, which you can book and pay by the tour guide.

On this tour there are shopping breaks at the handicraft carpet centre and wine production centre.

The itineraries might be altered slightly by the guide for seasonal or other reasons. Visits to some museums or ancient ruins may not be possible due to renovation work. In the very hot months of July and August, breaks and visits to open-air museums and ancient ruins may be shorter than planned.

Distances to Pamukkale from:
Side 305 km – Antalya 230 km – Alanya 370 km – Kemer 270 km

The prices in the Hotel, outside market and restaurants for drinks and food on the way and in Pamukkale might be more expensive than expected.

Q: What is the Pamukkale Tour from Antalya?

A: The Pamukkale Tour is a guided excursion that takes you to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Pamukkale, known for its unique travertine terraces and ancient city of Hierapolis.

Q: What are the main attractions visited during the tour?

A: The tour includes a visit to the Pamukkale travertine terraces, where you can walk along the white limestone formations and hot springs. You will also visit the ancient city of Hierapolis, which features well-preserved ruins of an ancient Roman city.

Q: How long does the Pamukkale Tour take?

A: The tour usually takes a full day, starting in the morning and ending in the late afternoon.

Q: Is transportation included in the tour?

A: Yes, transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle is included in the tour price.

Q: Can we swim in the hot springs?

A: Swimming is not allowed in the hot springs due to preservation efforts.

Q: What should I wear for the Pamukkale Tour?

A: We recommend wearing comfortable shoes suitable for walking and bringing a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. During the summer months, light and breathable clothing is recommended.

Q: Will the tour guide be with us all the time?

A: Yes, a licensed tour guide will accompany you throughout the tour to provide information and answer any questions you may have.

# For cancellations made more than 7 days prior to the scheduled activity or service, there will be %20 of the total amount as penalty.

# If you like to re-schedule the tour date instead of refund. You can re-schedule your tour without any penalty 1 time. And you can tell your new travel date until 15 days of your arrival date. And this re-schedule right is valid 2 years after postponing the actual tour date.

# For cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the scheduled activity or service, there will be no refund.

# If you like to re-schedule the tour date instead of refund. You can re-schedule your tour with only %10 penalty 1 time. And you can tell your new travel date until 15 days of your arrival date. And this re-schedule right is valid 2 years after postponing the actual tour date.

After you submit your reservation please send copies of passports of all participants, and your arrival/departure airport transfer informations via email [email protected] For further assistance please feel free to call +905434428069

Carina R.

Pamukkale is a true marvel of nature. The hot calcium-laden waters and the cascading pools create a breathtaking spectacle. The combination of the ancient city of Hierapolis and the healing properties of the mineral-rich springs made this tour both culturally and physically enriching. It's an experience that will stay with me forever.

Francesca T.

Pamukkale's unique beauty and thermal springs make it a must-visit destination. The cascading travertines of brilliant white calcium created a mesmerizing sight. Exploring the ancient city of Hierapolis and taking a dip in the Antique Pool added a touch of luxury to this incredible tour.

Carmen G.

The trip to Pamukkale was absolutely splendid! Walking in the stunning hot springs and experiencing the healing waters was truly a rejuvenating and energizing experience. The terraces of carbonate minerals and the ancient city of Hierapolis added a fascinating historical touch to this natural wonder heart

Rita G.

The Pamukkale tour was a truly splendid experience. Walking barefoot in the stunning hot springs and witnessing the breathtaking terraces made of carbonate minerals was awe-inspiring. heart

arthur j.

The experience of soaking in the hot springs was incredibly relaxing, and we felt rejuvenated and refreshed afterwards. Overall, our trip to Pamukkale with our guide was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we will never forget.


Pamukkale's white travertine terraces were simply breathtaking, and we were amazed by the natural beauty of the site. Our guide took us on a fascinating tour of the ancient city of Hierapolis, where we learned about the history and culture of the region.

esdran f.

Our trip from Antalya to Pamukkale was absolutely incredible, and we couldn't have asked for a better guide. The journey was filled with stunning scenery and fascinating historical sites.

diego o.

Our guide was able to answer all of our questions and provide fascinating insights into the history and culture of the region. The ancient ruins and natural wonders of Pamukkale were truly awe-inspiring, and we felt a sense of wonder and amazement throughout our journey.

jessie s.

The scenery on the drive from Antalya to Pamukkale was simply stunning, with rugged mountains and lush forests.


We sampled some of the local cuisine, including delicious Turkish kebabs and traditional sweets. The hot springs at Pamukkale were incredibly relaxing, and we enjoyed soaking in the warm mineral waters.Our guide also took us to visit some of the nearby villages, where we had the chance to meet local artisans and learn about their crafts.

teressa g.

We had the chance to visit some of the local markets and shops, where we picked up some fantastic souvenirs to bring back home. Our guide was patient and accommodating, and he made sure that we got the most out of our trip to Pamukkale.


The views from the top of Pamukkale were simply breathtaking, with panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside.The experience of walking on the white travertine terraces was unlike anything we'd ever experienced before.
The ruins of Hierapolis were incredibly well-preserved, and our guide's explanations really brought the site to life.The food in Pamukkale was some of the best we've ever had, with fresh ingredients and delicious flavors.

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