Gobeklitepe Day Tour Economically from Istanbul

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Places to Visit

  • Sanliurfa
  • Abraham Cave
  • Gobeklitepe
  • Istanbul
  • The World's Oldest Temple
  • Full-Day Tour

Tour Program

  • 5:00 AM: Meet your guide at your Istanbul hotel and transfer to the Istanbul Airport.
  • 7:00 AM: Board your flight to Sanliurfa, the nearest airport to Gobeklitepe.
  • 9:00 AM: Arrive at the Sanliurfa Airport and meet your local guide and driver.
  • 9:30 AM: Begin your drive to Gobeklitepe, the world's oldest temple site, which dates back over 11,000 years.
  • 11:00 AM: Arrive at Gobeklitepe and start your guided tour of the site. Learn about the history and significance of the ancient temple and see the fascinating T-shaped pillars that still stand today.
  • 1:00 PM: Enjoy a traditional Turkish lunch at a local restaurant.
  • 2:00 PM: Continue your tour of Gobeklitepe.
  • 4:00 PM: Drive back to the Sanliurfa Airport.
  • 6:00 PM: Board your flight back to Istanbul.
  • 8:00 PM: Arrive at the Istanbul Airport and transfer back to your hotel.

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Gobeklitepe Day Tour from Istanbul: Economical Historical Expedition

Gobeklitepe, located in the southeastern part of Turkey, is the oldest known temple in the world, dating back to 10,000 BC. This incredible site was only discovered in the 1960s and is considered a turning point in our understanding of human history. Visitors to Gobeklitepe can witness massive stone pillars, which are some of the largest and oldest architectural structures in the world. 


The pillars are decorated with intricate carvings and depict a variety of animals and symbols, giving us a glimpse into the beliefs and rituals of the early human communities that built this site.In addition to visiting Gobeklitepe, the tour also includes a visit to the nearby town of Sanliurfa, known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine. 

✅ Small groups max 15 person 
✅ Local Guides 
✅ Stress free tour 
✅ Travel by luxury minivan ensures a personalized experience

✂ Fully customizable itinerary

✈ Travel by air instead of long bus journeys 

Departures : Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Starting Point : Istanbul Hotels

Duration :  15 Hours (Flexible)

Language : English


  • Istanbul
  • Sanliurfa
  • Gobeklitepe

When you open the booking form ( after you click make reservation button) you will see optional activities, so you can add them in your tour and you can customize it as you wish.

✅ Inclusion :

  • Private professional licensed tour guide
  • Pick up from Hotel
  • Transfers with luxury minivan
  • Domestic flight rates

❌ Exclusion:

  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • All entry fees
  1. What is Gobeklitepe and why is it significant? Gobeklitepe is an ancient temple located in southeastern Turkey and is considered the oldest temple in the world, dating back to 10,000 BC. It is significant because it represents a turning point in our understanding of human history and is considered a key site for those interested in history, archaeology, and ancient civilizations.

  2. How long does the tour last? The tour typically lasts for approximately 10-12 hours, starting and ending in Istanbul.

  3. What is the cost of the tour and what is included in the price? The cost of the tour varies depending on the tour operator and the size of the group. The price usually includes transportation, guide services, entrance fees to Gobeklitepe and Sanliurfa, and local food and drinks.

  4. How do I book a Gobeklitepe Day Tour from Istanbul? You can book a Gobeklitepe Day Tour from Istanbul through a tour operator or a travel agency. You can also book online through a travel website or directly through the tour operator's website.

  5. How do I get to Gobeklitepe from Istanbul? The tour operator typically provides transportation to and from Gobeklitepe from Istanbul. The journey takes approximately 5-6 hours by bus or car.

  6. Is the Gobeklitepe Day Tour suitable for all ages? Yes, the Gobeklitepe Day Tour is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The tour involves some walking and standing, so it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

  7. Can I purchase souvenirs at Gobeklitepe or Sanliurfa? Yes, you can purchase souvenirs and local crafts at the bazaar in Sanliurfa. The bazaar is a great place to find traditional items such as textiles, ceramics, and jewelry.

# For cancellations made more than 7 days prior to the scheduled activity or service, there will be %20 of the total amount as penalty.

# If you like to re-schedule the tour date instead of refund. You can re-schedule your tour without any penalty 1 time. And you can tell your new travel date until 15 days of your arrival date. And this re-schedule right is valid 2 years after postponing the actual tour date.

# For cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the scheduled activity or service, there will be no refund.

# If you like to re-schedule the tour date instead of refund. You can re-schedule your tour with only %10 penalty 1 time. And you can tell your new travel date until 15 days of your arrival date. And this re-schedule right is valid 2 years after postponing the actual tour date.

After you submit your reservation please send copies of passports of all participants, and your arrival/departure airport transfer informations via email [email protected] For further assistance please feel free to call +905434428069

Sophia G.

Gobeklitepe Day Tour from Istanbul was a memorable day trip filled with ancient wonders, cultural discoveries, and gastronomic delights. It's a must-do for anyone seeking a unique blend of history and adventure at an economical price.

Liam F.

Turco Travel's Gobeklitepe Day Tour, led by our guide Meryem, was a budget-friendly expedition into the cradle of civilization. Meryem's storytelling brought Gobeklitepe's ancient wonders to life. The tour's inclusion of Sanliurfa's rich history and delightful cuisine provided a holistic and economically satisfying exploration of Turkey's cultural treasures.

Ava E.

For history lovers on a budget, this tour is a perfect fit. It offers an affordable yet comprehensive exploration of Gobeklitepe and Sanliurfa, making it accessible to a wide range of travelers.

Elijah D.

The journey from Istanbul to Gobeklitepe was comfortable and well-managed. The transportation provided added convenience, allowing us to relax and enjoy the scenic views during the trip.

Harper C.

Engin, our guide from Turco Travel, elevated the Gobeklitepe Day Tour from Istanbul into an economical cultural odyssey. The ancient site's colossal stone pillars and symbolic carvings were awe-inspiring. Engin's insights into the beliefs and rituals of early human communities added depth, making this historical adventure truly unforgettable.

Oliver B.

Gobeklitepe's landscapes, with its ancient structures against a backdrop of the Turkish countryside, provided numerous Instagram-worthy moments. It's a visual feast for photography enthusiasts, capturing the essence of both history and nature.

Emma A.

An exceptional historical expedition with Turco Travel's Gobeklitepe Day Tour. Our guide, Gizem, brought the ancient site to life with her passion and expertise. The tour's economical aspect didn't diminish the grandeur of Gobeklitepe's massive stone pillars and intricate carvings, providing an enriching experience into our shared human history.

Sophia Z.

The tour guides were passionate and knowledgeable, enhancing our understanding of Gobeklitepe's significance. Their insights brought the ancient site to life, creating a more immersive and meaningful exploration.

Jackson Y.

The culinary aspect of the tour was a delightful surprise. Sanliurfa's delicious cuisine added a flavorful dimension to the day. Trying local dishes enhanced the overall cultural experience, making it not just a historical journey but a culinary adventure as well.

Addison X.

Gobeklitepe is a hidden gem, and this tour provided a convenient and economical way to discover it from Istanbul. The historical importance of the site exceeded expectations, and the tour's affordability makes it accessible for all history enthusiasts.

Wyatt W.

Turco Travel's Gobeklitepe Day Tour was a budget-friendly gem. Mehmet, our guide, skillfully narrated the fascinating story behind this archaeological wonder. The immense stone pillars and intricate carvings conveyed a mesmerizing glimpse into early human civilizations. Sanliurfa's vibrant town, explored under Mehmet's guidance, was the perfect complement.

Lily V.

Stepping onto the grounds of Gobeklitepe felt like a journey through time. The sheer magnitude of the ancient stone pillars and the detailed carvings transported us to a world long gone, sparking a profound appreciation for the resilience and creativity of early civilizations.

Caleb U.

This tour strikes the perfect balance between education and entertainment. Learning about Gobeklitepe's archaeological significance while enjoying the charming atmosphere of Sanliurfa made it a day filled with both intellectual stimulation and cultural immersion.

Chloe T.

The tour's inclusion of Sanliurfa was a delightful surprise. The town's rich history and vibrant culture, coupled with delicious cuisine, added a delightful layer to the overall experience. It's a testament to the tour's thoughtful itinerary.

Noah S.

What a captivating journey with Turco Travel! Selçuk, our knowledgeable guide, made Gobeklitepe's ancient marvels come alive. The tour's economical approach didn't compromise quality as we explored the world's oldest temple. Sanliurfa's historical charm and mouthwatering cuisine added a delightful cultural layer to this unforgettable experience.

Scarlett R.

The Gobeklitepe Day Tour was seamlessly organized, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. From transportation to informative guides, every detail was well-planned, allowing us to focus on absorbing the historical richness of this extraordinary site.

Ethan Q.

The carvings on Gobeklitepe's pillars offer a unique insight into the beliefs and rituals of early human communities. It's a captivating journey through time, unraveling the mysteries of ancient civilizations and their connection to spirituality.

Emily P.

Turco Travel's Gobeklitepe Day Tour from Istanbul was an economical delight, seamlessly blending history and adventure. Our guide, Ahmet, expertly navigated the ancient wonders of Gobeklitepe, unraveling its mysteries with passion. The colossal stone pillars and intricate carvings left me in awe, providing a profound connection to humanity's distant past.

William O.

The tour not only immersed us in Gobeklitepe's ancient wonders but also took us to Sanliurfa, a town boasting stunning architecture. Exploring the town's historical sites added depth to the day, creating a well-rounded and enriching experience.

Olivia N.

Gobeklitepe Day Tour from Istanbul was a mesmerizing expedition into ancient history. Witnessing the colossal stone pillars, adorned with intricate carvings, was a surreal experience. Gobeklitepe's significance as the world's oldest temple truly made this journey unforgettable.

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