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Ephesus is the best-preserved Roman city in the Mediterranean region, and one of Turkey’s top sights along Istanbul and Cappadocia, but Ephesus archeological site is not the only reason to visit this region.

The most important part of visiting Ephesus is getting a real feel for what life was like 2000 years ago during the glory-days of Greece and Rome,Ephesus is the place. In terms of ruins, it’s better than Rome itself today.

The other important thing about Ephesus is St Paul’s New Testament Letter to the Ephesians, which was written to the citizens of Ephesus. St John is believed to have written his Gospel here, and to have been buried in the St John Basilica.

And The Virgin Mary is believed to have spent her last days on earth here, and you can visit the reconstructed House of the Virgin Mary (Meryemana) on a mountaintop to the south of the Ephesus archeological site.

Top 10 Things to See in Ephesus

<p>1. Library of Celsus</p>
<p>2. Temple of Hadrian</p>
<p>3. Terrace Houses</p>
<p>4. Hercules Gate</p>
<p>5. Grand Theatre</p>
<p>6. The Snake Cult of Asklepios</p>
<p>7. Herm(Marker) of Hermes</p>
<p>8. Museum of Ephesus &amp; Artemissia</p>
<p>9. Stone-carving of the goddess Nike</p>
<p>10. Fountain of Trajan</p>

Must See Places

1. Library of Celsus

2. Temple of Hadrian

3. Terrace Houses

4. Hercules Gate

5. Grand Theatre

6. The Snake Cult of Asklepios

7. Herm(Marker) of Hermes

8. Museum of Ephesus & Artemissia

9. Stone-carving of the goddess Nike

10. Fountain of Trajan

Must See Places

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